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Foothills Photo Contests

For the new year we will have our first Quarterly Photo Contest based on a single topic. The quarterly dates are March 23 / June 22nd / September 28th / Dec 7th.

Our first Quarterly Contest Subject will be "Cold". These should be photos that express cold just looking at them. You may enter no more than two photos for the contest, so find and photography your best photo expression of "COLD". March will be here soon so do not stay inside and miss your opportunity. We will submit the photos in mid March and vote for our top three similar to the CNPA People Choice.

Best wishes for "COLD" photo contest, Bob Phipps CNPA Foothills-North Coordinator

Click on Events to read some background information on the discussion of whether to institute quarterly contests.

"Peaking through Color"
© 2012 Gary Poteat

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To promote Nature Photography in the Carolinas.

To help conserve and preserve the diverse Natural Ecosystem in the Carolinas.

To educate others interested in Nature Photography.

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